Art Works at the Waterworks!

Field students work with Water Company to install art along the fence line

On one side of the fence, millions of gallons of water are cleaned and delivered every day. On the other side, a playground full of children rule the schoolyard. The fence, which normally divides Louisville Water Company’s Crescent Hill Treatment Plant and Field Elementary School, is being transformed to celebrate the neighborhood and a very special partnership.

Fourth and fifth-grade members of Field Elementary School's Technology Team sponsored a schoolwide contest producing art to decorate the fence separating the two neighbors. The team designed a computer-generated grid and students colored tiny squares on the template to create their unique designs. 

Student pose in front of a fence they decorated with cups to form a W

The winning designs: a caterpillar; falcon (the school’s mascot); star; and a puzzle piece, depicting the universal symbol for autism. A giant “W,” the water company logo, is placed in the middle.

"We value our relationship with Louisville Water Company,” Field Elementary School principal Deborah Rivera said. “This relationship has opened the door for so many wonderful opportunities for the students at Field."

Unofficially called “cup art,” the hard, plastic pieces look like the bottom of a disposable plastic cup. The multicolored Lego-like discs snap onto the fence, creating the winning patterns.

Louisville Water employees and Field students have been neighbors for over 100 years. The Crescent Hill Water Filtration Plant began operating in 1909, and Field Elementary School welcomed its first students in 1915. The two entities have been community partners for over 30 years. Louisville Water educators do classroom presentations and support special school events throughout the school year.

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