Board Signals Intent to Reappoint Dr. Pollio as Superintendent

Porter: Pollio has proven dedication to students 'through difficult times'

October 12, 2021 – The Jefferson County Board of Education tonight voted to move forward with their intent to renew Dr. Marty Pollio's contract as superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools. 

Board members said the unanimous decision recognized Dr. Pollio’s bold leadership and ingenuity, particularly throughout the challenging circumstances of the last two years.

“Dr. Pollio and those in the District have proven their dedication to students through difficult times,” said JCBE Chairwoman Diane Porter. “We look forward to continuing our work together to build a brighter future for our students.”

“I am honored by this vote of confidence by our board, and what it says about the relevance and quality of our work and the team we’ve put together to meet the needs of our students,” Pollio said following the vote. “We will continue working to ensure every student and staff member, regardless of where they learn or work throughout the district, feels supported, engaged and valued.”

The Board will negotiate terms of Pollio’s new contract over the next several months. His current contract runs through March 2022.