Brandeis Named SMART Exemplary School

School one of 46 nationally recognized for use of technology

October 28, 2021 – Brandeis Elementary School has been named a SMART Exemplary School, one of 46 schools across the globe recognized for their work utilizing technology to break down barriers and support education and social/ emotional learning.  The award was presented by SMART Technologies, makers of the popular SMART Board interactive displays.

Student working at a SMART Board at Brandeis Elementary School
As part of The SMART Exemplary Schools Program, Brandies will receive professional development and training to help continue building on its excellence with education technology, support learning and improve outcomes.

Technology “has allowed us to engage students in a different way,” said Dr. Shervita West-Jordan, principal of Brandeis. “One of the things we’ve learned through NTI is that our students are far more creative than we even imagine, with the use of technology.”

In addition, Brandeis is one of six schools across the country highlighted by SMART in its video series Connections that Matter, for its use of technology to help students connect what they’re learning in the classroom with the world around them.

“Kids are able to explore the world around them without leaving their seats,” West-Jordan said. “For those students who would typically shy away from demonstrating their learning in traditional methods, they are able to be more innovative and take more risks.”