JCPS District Data 2019-20—Middle School


Schools by Board Member/District Map
School Boundary Map
Attends/Resides Advance Program [xls]
Attends/Resides by Clusters [xls]
Enrollment by Race and Gender [xls]
Enrollment by ZIP Code [xls]
Median Household Income by ZIP Code Map
Diversity Index Report [xls]
Exceptional Child Education (ECE) Data by Resource/Self-Contained [xls]
ECE Data by Disability [xls]
Free/Reduced-Price Lunch [xls]
Free/Reduced-Price Lunch Trend [xls]
Homeless Student Data [xls]
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) [xls]
English as a Second Language (ESL) Enrollment [xls]
Market Share [xls]
Mobility Index Trend [xls]
Stability Index Trend [xls]
Optional/Magnet Applications [xls]
Optional/Magnet Enrollment [xls]
Parent-Teacher Conference Day (Number Held) Trend [xls]
Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Membership Trend [xls]
Per Pupil Spending Trend [xls]
Student Transfers by Cluster [xls]
Teachers With Master's Degree or Higher [xls]
Teachers Holding National Board Certification Trend [xls]
% Teacher Attendance Trend [xls]
% Teacher Retention Trend [xls]
Title I Schools [xls]


Kentucky Accountability at a Glance
Accountability Profile [xls]
Accountability Summary—Indicator Points Trend [xls]
Achievement: Reading and Math [xls]
Achievement: Science and Social Studies [xls]
Achievement: Writing and Language Mechanics [xls]
K-PREP Consolidated Student NAPD Reading and Math [xls]
K-PREP Consolidated Student NAPD Science and Social Studies [xls]
K-PREP Consolidated Student NAPD Language Mechanics and Writing [xls]
Growth: Reading/Mathematics [xls]


Attendance Rate Trend [xls]
Chronic Absenteeism [xls]
Suspensions by Race and Gender [xls]
Suspension Trend [xls]
Retention [xls]

School Climate: Comprehensive School Survey

Student Satisfaction Trend [xls]
Parent Satisfaction Trend [xls]
Parent and Student Response Rate [xls]
Employee Response Rate [xls]


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