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The ProQuest online information service provides access to thousands of current periodicals and newspapers, many updated daily and containing full-text articles from 1986. The Professional Education Collection gives you access to more than 300 publications selected specifically for their relevance to educators and information professionals.

The Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL) offers access to 40 databases for education professionals and students.

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Scholarships Available to Undocumented Students

Supporting Muslim-American Students

CAIR was established in 1994 to promote awareness of Islam in the United States and “empower American Muslims.” This website offers a significant array of information for people interested in learning about Islam. An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices is one of several online publications, and the American Muslims link leads to the association’s statement denouncing terrorism. It also provides many important resources for Muslims. Links to content specifically for Muslim Americans, for example, lead to a range of clear explanations of civil rights, lists of relevant federal legislation, and a variety of news items, press releases, and a CAIR Community Tool Kit with detailed information on how to combat bigotry at the local level. This site also includes a search box.

CAIR California
Mislabeled: The Impact of School Bullying and Discrimination on California Muslim Students
Supporting Muslim American Adolescents: Beginning a dialogue to create standards for youth programs